Withdrawal of Consent Form

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  1. When the data subject requests to exercise the right to withdraw consent, the Company will notify the personal data processor to suspend such operations as required by the law on personal data protection.
  2. Withdrawing the consent of the personal data subject will not affect the collection, use and disclosure of the data. However, the withdrawal of consent may affect the use of the service, receiving information, news or any other actions between the owner of the information and the Company.
  3. The Company may refuse to exercise the rights of the personal data subject. In the event that the owner of the information is unable to verify his/her identity or the supporting documents for submitting the application are incomplete or inaccurate.
  4. The Company may refuse to process the request of the data subject as required by applicable law.

Processing time

In doing so, the Company will consider and notify the result of your request within 30 days from the date we receive the request.

Acknowledgment and Consent

You have carefully read and understood the content of this request, and confirm that the information that has been informed to the Company is true and correct. If you provide erroneous information with fraudulent intent, the company reserves the right to prosecute you according to the law.