Ocean Property Enhanced COVID-19 Protection

23 Mar 20

The safety from COVID-19 of each resident in every project of the Ocean Property always comes first. And we wish you to be assured that all of our development will be protected and taken care of as best.


All the necessary measurements are being applied to every project to stay safest from this virus outbreak such as spray disinfectant all common areas with frequent contact like door handles, push buttons, elevators, seats, counters, etc. Bottles of hand sanitizer are to be provided in various spots. Public health screening, temperature scan, fever check for all employees before entering work, scanning temperature of project visitors. Ready to put stickers on those who pass the screening. Everyone entering the project must wear a mask. 


Announcement prohibiting all employees from traveling abroad or other provinces. Change the way of meeting to the online platform instead, ie. teleconference, Google Meet, or Zoom. And work-from-home prep plans and execution plan. Installing a remote drive software system for all employees to be ready to work at their own place if the government announced an upgrade of the situation.