Ocean Property Celebrates

11 Sep 18 - 31 Dec 19

Ocean Property is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special campaign "30th Surprise Anniversary". Many projects in prime locations are on offer, starting at min. 1.39 MB per unit. Booking fee starts at only 5,000 THB. This special campaign includes prizes valued over 3 MB; Gold, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and Private Yacht Package. Simply book and sign a contract for townhome or condo at Ocean Property Booth no. A69-71 and A106-108 in the House and Condo Show 41th, Royal Paragon Hall, Floor 5, Siam Paragon Mall. during 12-15 September 2019.

3 highlights projects on sale:
- Ocean Portofino Condominium, Pattaya. Price starts at 9.5 MB
- Ocean Town, Phuket. Price starts at 2.69 MB
- Ocean Residence, Khon Kaen. Price starts at 1.39 MB

30th Surprise Anniversary Prize Items
- Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
- Private Yacht Package
- Gold

Unit Booking for Prizes:
- Ocean Portofino Condominium, Pattaya will receive all 3 prizes
- Ocean Town, Phuket will receive 1 of all 3 prizes (optional)
- Ocean Residence, Khon Kaen will receive 1 of all 3 prizes (optional)

For more information, please call:
- Ocean Portofino, Pattaya Tel. 02-038-5013
- Ocean Town, Phuket Tel. 02-038-5020
- Ocean Residence, Khon Kaen Tel. 02-038-5011
Website: www.oceanproperty.co.th
Line: @oceanproperty
Terms and conditions for the "30th Surprise Anniversary Campaign”

- For buyers who reserve a townhome or condominium during 12-15 September 2019 at the Home and Condo Show 41th, only plots or units and projects specified by the company, not including booking through brokers. Apply for a plot or unit that can be transferred ownership within the year 2019 only.
- The buyer will have to book and make a contract to buy and sell within the specified period. To be eligible to receive prizes as determined by the company.
- The buyer must receive the ownership transfer according to the period specified in the sale and purchase agreement. And if any work is collected or modified. The seller will fix the buyer only after the ownership has been transferred. Which the purchaser must not be used as a condition of not accepting the ownership transfer within the said period. The purchaser will be entitled under this agreement.
- The prizes include Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ mobile phone, private yacht trip 1 day (up to 8 hours) private yacht package and 1 baht weight gold. At the company scheduled to receive the number of prizes as follows Ocean Portofino Pattaya to receive all 3 prizes, Ocean Town Phuket to receive optional 1 of all 3 prizes. Ocean Residence Khon Kaen to receive optional 1 of all 3 prizes.
- The company reserves the right to cancel the prize presentation. In the case that the buyer will default on the price of any townhome, condominium, or money and cannot register the ownership of the townhome or condominium as specified in the contract because banks refuse loans and there is an agreement that the seller will refund the townhome or some units that have already been received from the purchaser, as agreed (if any). The buyer will agree to return the prize received from All sellers by agreeing and consenting that the seller will deduct the money from the townhome or condominium that must be returned by netting The buyer will receive the remaining money after deducting the value of the prize.
- Prizes valued from 1,000 baht and up must be deducted with 5% withholding tax of the prize value.
- The person who received the prize acknowledged that Prizes are received as part of the income. Which must be used to calculate the income tax of the person who received the prize
- If the prize is a company that is not involved in the distribution of the prize specified in this list Product warranty of quality reward or services that may occur with the prize complies with product manufacturer standards. If there are problems with quality or service, prize receiver can contact the company that sells or provides services directly.
- The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Cannot be changed to other prizes. And cannot transfer rights to others.

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